My New Friends

Lately, I have been VERY into Elmo and Sesame Street. Grandma bought me special books and videos with the Sesame Street characters in them and I have gotten very good at pointing out each one of them when asked "Where is Cookie Monster?" etc. (I even say "Elmo"). Mom got me a little plastic Elmo that I love to cart around with me everywhere. Yesterday, when I got up from my nap, I found that Elmo had been joined by two new friends!!!

I was beyond thrilled and excited to see them! (p.s. check out Dad's possessed monster cat in the background).

I quickly made friends with the little guys.

What is Steinbeck doing with my milk cup?!?

I busied myself with arranging them.

These guys are so awesome!

Then I decided to move them.

Where I carefully arranged them on the arm of the couch.
And admired by meticulous handiwork.

This morning, I invited all three of them to join me for breakfast.

Please, no judgments on the pink p.j.'s- they were too warm for Eliana so she was nice enough to give them to me....

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