Mothers Day

A lot of my regular blog readers are moms, so to them "Happy Mothers Day!!".

Although I have some sad news for you ladies, as it turns out my mom is the ultimate mom! I am not just saying that either, I actually hired three separate polling companies to figure out who was the Northwests ultimate mom, and my mom polled considerably higher than all others. which leads me to the only possible conclusion: My mom is the best mom and she doesn't deserve just a day, but like a whole week!

Seriously! I'm not even doing this to butter her up. I have no ulterior motives.

She does so much for me and dad. She is the glue that holds together our family and our lives. I think most mom's are this way. Without them I don't think the world would even work. Nothing would get done, no one would be on time, it would be chaos.

Every mom is special, but my mom is the ultimate. One day isn't long enough to appreciate all that our moms do for us, and absolutely not long enough for me or my dad to properly thank her for everything she does.

I love you ma-ma!

here are some of my favorite photos of her:

This is mom before boarding the small plane that would begin the first legs of my parents honeymoon to Europe.

This is her and Dad on that small plane.

Mom and I checking out a leaf.

One of her famous car photos.

Look how excited I am in this picture!!

An artsy shot...

Mom as she hulk!

Me as....ummm little hulk?

These last two photos are my two absolute favorites of the favorites. I like this one because I think it looks like some kind of ad for Gap or something.

And this one because its just....cool

*this was translated by my dad least anyone think my mom made a post about herself.

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