Happy Hearing Birthday!

Today I am celebrating one year of hearing!!! My first Cochlear Implant was activated on Cinco de Mayo! Here I am last year.

That was my original Freedom implant and before my parents discovered the beauty of wig/body tape to keep it in place (and before I had much hair:). Here I am today.

Boy, so much has changed in a year! I am so incredibly grateful for my implants. I am able to understand so much and am learning to say more and more words. My receptive language is coming along much more quickly than what I am producing but my parents work very hard, along with some other very special people, to help me to communicate and use my voice.

I love to dance, listen to stories, point out objects in books and babble. I can make all of my ling sounds and say about 20 words (maybe more, some of them sound a lot alike:). I am so good at following directions and understand more words each day (most recently, "clown", who knows where I picked that one up). I am beginning to do more imitating of what others say and I like to point and label objects that I see around. I can point out my hair, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. (and yours:) and if you ask me where my ears are I point to my beloved implants. My favorite words are "Mama", "up-up", "around, around" ("roun-roun", as in anything that goes around and around) and "more" (which I sign as well). I only sign the word "Dada" right now but one day I will get my "d's" down. My dad is my most absolute favorite person in the whole world and I ask for him all day long while he is in school. I love my dad, and I love my "ears".

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