We have been working a lot on manners in our house lately. More specifically "please", "thank you" and asking for things in a "polite" way. This has also helped me to put words together and even, most recently, speak in a short phrase, as in " I want milk please." We have been practicing using this phrase to ask for various things and the other day in the car I spontaneously said "I want food please!" Mom was very proud of me! Here is a little clip of me asking for my favorite song to be played (I call it "ooohhh" because the title actually has a bad word in it, and excuse the messy house, it was the end of a long day:). I find it very hard to sit still, obviously.

I have also been a little bossy lately, not to mention possessive of my snacks. I say "No Mama!" quite often. I think Mom thought it was cute at first (well anything I say for the first time is cute:) but now she is trying to teach me to say "No thank you Mama" and I am slowly complying. When I visit Grandma I like to drag her around to where I want her to be, these days she wants me to say "Come please" I sometimes forget but I am trying very hard.This manners thing can be a real drag, but I guess that it is important to learn (almost as important as learning proper oral hygiene:)

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  1. Great talking Isaac!
    There's even a p in please!