Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th Birthday to Gina! My parents already went to Portland to celebrate this milestone on Saturday. I was not invited as it was held in a bar but I heard that it was a great time. As usual, Mom and Dad didn't get many photos (though they did record a little video of Seth telling jokes, but I don't think that it would be appropriate to share on my blog). They did manage to snap a cute one of the birthday girl and her sweetie (who also makes amazing pizza, or so I've heard).

I got to stay with Grandma and I was up almost as late as my parents were- midnight! What?!? Yeah, I know, I was a little overly happy to be staying at Grandma's and just could not get to sleep. On the upside, I was in a great mood and quite sweet so I don't think I will be banned from sleepovers at her house forever (maybe for just a month or so:)

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day Gina!!! It looks like it might actually be a sunny one:)

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