July and August in Photos

Wow! It is already September!!!!! I cannot believe how quickly this summer has flown by. I have been a terrible, terrible blogger but my excuse is that I have had a summer packed full of fun with friends and family. Here are some highlights of my wonderful summer, in no particular order.....

Discovering that having my hair washed isn't so bad when Mom uses the blow dryer on it!
The Salem Art Fair!

Grandpa's birthday party!


My crazy parents:)
Four nights at Black Butte and stopping at Suttle Lake.

My cousins (well they are the son's of my dad's cousin, so maybe third cousins?) Dylan and Owen came for a quick visit from California and they were AWESOME!

Kissing Cousins:)
Fresh corn on the cob and Grandpa and Grammy Steph's house.

Silly Isaac and Daddy.

Silly Mommy and Daddy:)
Play dates with my super fun friends, Charlie and Ella!

Reading my new Arthur book, everywhere! (notice that I am always "reading" the same page:)

Beach time with Eliana!!!!!

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