Well it was bound to happen one of these days, as a three year old boy who runs around the house in (literally) circles. On Sunday evening I ran straight into a dining room chair and split a small part of my forehead straight open. I will spare you the details but Mom and Dad decided that I was in need of stitches so we headed to Urgent Care. They were quick and nice and kept me relatively calm, until I had to have the numbing shots and the actual stitches. There was crying, yelling and I had to have my parents hold me down but with the promise of a blue lollipop, I pulled through. In fact, the nurses and doctor said I did a great job for such a little guy and that I showed a huge amount of self control. Hey, anything for a lollipop! So here I am, five stitches, one lollipop and a bunch of stickers later.

On the drive home our conversation went like this:
Mom: "How are you doing?"
Me: "Not good"
Mom: "Why not good?"
Me: "Because I am sad"
Mom: "Why are you sad?"
Me: "Because the doctor hurt me"

I know it was not on purpose but it really did hurt..............

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