The flood

The weather has been crazy lately! Yesterday snow, today crazy flooding!!! Here are some pics from my trip home from school with dad.

Some cars braving the flood waters

These cars weren't too bad but I saw a few pics of some cars on the news that were in a parking lot and the waters were climbing up the door. The detail shops are going to be busy!

Store fronts

Quick someone sandbag the front door!! .....never mind

We barely made it down this road the water was so deep in some areas. You can see the water stretches across the whole road and covers the side walk. We had to drive in the center of the road because it was too deep in either of the lanes.

A few cars were stalled out from the engine getting wet...either that or they decided to just stop and pretend they were on a cruise liner. This was the part where Dad figured we too were going to be stuck having a picnic in the car.

These people got their sandbags up.

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