The Coast!

I went to the beach this weekend with the parentals. It was pretty awesome, there was a huge storm, I wasnt able to hear the hail, but I saw it, and I felt the strong gusts of wind! The best part was my buddy Jack showed up and we played pretty hard. On the last day we went down to the beach to take some photos but it was so windy it didnt really work out. My Aunt Crystal also showed up and we went out to pizza. I did not, I repeat did not, stick my hand in the hot pizza sauce this time!

Here are some pictures from the beach!

Here is the leaf and me checkin out the scene on the deck.

Here's Jack and I playing with my new freaky subliminal message toy that lights up and sends out weird sayings like
"Im the Garden Caterpillar!"

Jack and I shared a manly kiss in the honor of such domination on the swing. The parents got their cameras out and started taking pictures, and saying cute this and cute that. Jack and I were like, stop taking pictures and figure out a way for both of us to ride this thing fools!

Jack and I also raced up the stairs...

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