My first Post

So its almost my birthday. Ill be turning one in ten days. Which I must say is pretty awesome. My parents are going kind of crazy with trying to get the yard in order for the party, which I find amusing because its cold, wet, and horrible outside. So I cant wait to see if anyone even ventures outside, and if they do go out, what kind of conversations would take place.

Dude 1: Wow your yard looks amazing, did you prune the bush And the tree?
Dad: Yea if all that snow wasnt on the yard you would have noticed that I also mowed!
Dude 1: Is that big drift of snow over there where your garden usually is?
Dad: No thats where the mower got stuck, that other drift over there is where the garden usually goes.

Anyway, it should be pretty awesome. There is a rumor that I am going to get a cake which if its anything like the cupcakes I have had at my friend Jacks first birthday then I am stoked!

Something else thats funny about my party, I have one friend, Jack (I just mentioned his cupcakes) and yet the guest list has like thirty people on it, id say 25 of them I don't know. Now, I know my parents love me and want me to have fun, but I mean come on, this party is more for them than me. Oh well, whatever makes them happy.

Well I think im going to go have some bananas now, Ill post more about my wicked awesome life for you to read later. This next month a lot of things are going to be going on, and my dad and mom told me I should write about my experiences. So thats what im going to do.

Ok, stop! banana time! lol

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