Conquring The Ocean

For some reason I was scared of sand the last time I went to the beach. Not really sure why, but I was.

So naturally my parents took me back there...

The day was calm and warm.

My mom carried me out to a little pool of water that was trapped on land from the retreating tide.

I felt panic boiling inside my belly.

But the warmth of the water was too enchanting.

I looked at my reflection, and saw small creatures swimming around....

I had to get a closer look, this little tide pool had the all the right ingredients for pure awesomeness..

Needless to say......



The waves were very loud and I kept looking up at them.

*they looked like this*

When I heard the waves crashing they got me all pumped up,

so I started to make my own waves, turns out I'm a pretty good wave maker.

I found my truck that I love and started pushing it around in the water. I tore the place up!


This is a picture of what the car sees when I push it around.


At some point my truck adventures came to a screeching halt because I found something in the sand.

My dad insisted it was alive but It didn't really move, and seemed more like a rock to me.

until I grabbed it and flipped it over,

and underneath was the craziest thing I had ever seen. Zillions of little tentacles.

After that my dad took me down to the waves... they were even louder up close.

I got wrapped up in a towel and we headed home.
My fear of sand long forgotten, and my new found love for the beach birthed into existence.

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