A Few Months Until Stereo!

So the other day I went to see Don Plapinger (one of my hearing doctors). We were going to test my responsiveness in a sound booth, upgrade my profiles on my implants, and also discuss my second surgery for implantation.

During the hearing test, I turned at 10db, which sounds like this

" hello Isaac "

So I am doing pretty good. I am getting good at locating sounds, mimicking sounds, and also just babbling away, with an occasional yell just because its funny to watch people get scared at the power of my vocal cords.


(be afraid)

We also scheduled my second implant date for September 16, which unfortunately makes it impossible for us to go on this cruise we were going to take. Which really bummed me out, as I have been playing with my boat in the tub pretending it was an ocean liner like the ones I see in the Baby Einstein videos, and just like the one my parents assured me we would be taking on the cruise.

But they say we can take a cruise anytime, and getting my other ear implanted is priority number one.... I can hardly wait for the second implant. I get super frustrated when It falls off, or when I have to take it off for baths or swimming. What can I say, I love to hear!

One other thing about the implantation in September is that Cochlear is releasing a new implant (which is already out in Europe but not FDA approved here) and OHSU is one of the medical facilities that has the ability to implant kids with the new device as long as it is done between now and the end of September.

The only problem with it is that I would only get One of the new processors (thing worn around the ear) and would have 3 of the old ones (there are two processors for each ear, in case one is damaged we have a backup while it is sent off and fixed).

The only problem with having one new and one old, is that only one ear would benefit from the new technology, and that the new one is a lot smaller so my sweet sweet symmetry would be off.

We are asking Cochlear to consider giving two New processors (so both ears will benefit from the same technology and preserve my symmetry) and keeping two of the Old technology processors for back up.

Lets keep our fingers crossed. I have a good feeling about this as the Cochlear company has amazing customer support (one of the reasons my parents chose them). I think they will come through, even if its something like, we get only one new one now and an old version that we don't open and then trade in once the FDA approves the implant.

I will of course keep you posted about any new developments on this front....

P.S. I am FULL ON walking now and keep my parents very, very busy. I will post photos soon.....

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