Long Overdue


It has been over a month since my last update. My lovely father is in charge of the typing and he thought it more important to study and take a few weeks off and ignore all my very important updates. He has a stack of posts on his desk needing typing and he assures me that this is now happening as we speak.. or write.. or .... however that would go.

I have been up to a ton of stuff, I have about a zillion pictures to share but it all rests in the old mans hands. I won't call him lazy, just distracted. So, since it will take a while for him to get everything in order I have a small update about my hearing that doesn't really rely on pictures to tell.

I have been really into sounds lately, when I hear a sound I point to my ear and look to see if others heard it as well, not to mention now that I can walk I can investigate sounds easier. My dad and I play this game where we make monster sounds and chase each other around the house! I know it doesn't sound all that fun, but drop by and play a few rounds and your mind will be blown. That's a promise!

I have also been practicing making sounds, like cars, or animals (sheep, horse, elephant, cow etc etc) and airplane sounds. When my ear falls off I walk around trying to put it on and saying "mamamamamamamamama". I also have started to respond to my name. Sometimes I pretend not to hear my name (which is ironic that a deaf person has to pretend not to hear) because I see that my parents want to strap me into something and I would rather continue playing with my trucks.

Actually I am doing good at listening. The other day my parents pulled out my listening box....

For those of you who don't know what the listening box is, its a box filled with different toys that help me to practice the different sounds used in language. Airplane (ahhh), a pig (oink oink), a ghost (ooooohhhhh), an ice cream (mmmmmm), a cow (mooooo) etc, etc.

.... my speech therapist Jessica gave me and my parents some games that we could play and work on using the listening box.

There is this one game where we pull out four or five animals, make the animal sound one at a time, and line them up. After they are all lined up my parents ask me to find which animal makes whatever sound they happen to make.

This game usually ended with me grabbing a car and making a sweet motor sound while sending it speeding past the lined up animals. But something awesome happened the other day. I picked up every animal in the right order every time they made a sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! huh?!

anyway, check back for all the exciting updates, I'll see ya'll further on down the trail!

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