Isaac Tries Out for AC/DC

Many of you probably didn't hear that Angus Young from AC/DC is hanging up his horns and SG and enjoying Rock God Retirement. Brian and the rest of the band are still hungry for the spotlight so I figured I'd head down to show Brian and the gang that I am by far the best and most qualified person to slide into Young's spot unnoticed.

First off, we are the same height.
Secondly, I have very little hair (and so does Young currently, but i digress) so I can easily wear a wig until my sweet curls come in which will look exactly like Young's (with a little dye job).
Thirdly, I can rock as hard as Him. Been practicing everyday on Guitar Hero.

And Fourthly, look at me, we have the same style! I mean almost...

I have also been working on the accent!
"'Ello I'm Angus Young"

Now tell me that wasn't spot on.

Every successful and amazing Rock Guitarist has three moves that he must have mastery over before he can ever become a "Rock Legend". I am pretty much nailing them all.

Rock Move #1: Jump and Strum!
If you listen closely you can hear the sustain of the cord still ringing in the air!

"For Those About To Rock!"

BAAAAAAHHHHHHHH <----guitar cord sound

Rock Move #2: Rock 'n Mobility
If you are rockin' on stage you can't stand still for one moment. If this were a stage right now I would be running around it like this, serving up some awesome rock licks for millions of fans....


Rock Move #3: Rock Stance
Every good rocker knows that you must have a rock stance to be any good at shredding people's minds with your rock awesomeness... and I think I have it down


Look how natural I look next to Brian!

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