Salem Art Fair or Belly Button Power

Last month was the Salem Art Fair, which is held in Bush Park every year. There is a ton of art work, music, and food. This is my second art fair. Here is a picture of me at this years art fair.

And here's one from last years Art Festival. Killer Hat huh?

Here is an artist's rendering of "The Count". This guy's tent was way at the end of the fair, which is where we entered from. By the time we had walked to the beginning and back, this guy's art work was almost all gone. He must have made a killing.

We also saw artists like this guy who was.... well very interesting...

We also saw Judge Judy... at least I think it was her... a lot taller than I ever imagined though.

The biggest highlight of the day was when we found the swing set! My parents put me down and I hit the ground running.... WOOOOT SWINGS!

Here I am using the powers of my belly button to persuade one of the kids to give up their swing to me. "I have one question, which one of you guys is giving up his swing and pushing me?"

After burning up the swing set with my outstanding swing skills, I took off running again. Eventually my legs ached and burned, and my head swam with fun overload, and I collapsed only able to drink milk and regenerate my powers.

Mom helped me up and I checked the belly button for additional back up power.

and I was off, the belly button once again fueling me for a bit longer.

Until finally there wasn't any energy left anywhere... and I rode home in the back pack, exhausted.

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