Night, Night Moon!!!

I love the book "Goodnight Moon", and any other books with moons in them (there are quite a few!). My favorite phrase to say is "Night, Night Moon!" (sounds more like "nigh, nigh moon"). This seems to thrill my parents, I even point out the moon in the daytime.

I have also started to say "I want" ("I-wan") which I usually pair with something like "more eggs!!" or "open" or "off" or some other command:) My parents say that they are very proud of me and give me lots of cheers and thumbs up when I say these things so I am starting to use these words and phrases more and more often. I still love my favorite Broken Social Scene video and ask for it over and over "I-wan oohhhh!".

When I count (like the oranges below) I mostly like to say "eight" and "nine".

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