There is No Place Like Home

We just got back from a cruise. A short four night cruise but a very LONG trip. Let's just say that I was a bit out of my element for the majority of the time. Two and a half is hard, man! Like Meryl the cat in one of my favorite books "My Big Dog", I like to have my own things and be on a routine schedule.

I also like MY bed (well crib for now, but one day soon it may be a big boy bed).

I also love MY sofa with MY daddy (which I know say all of the time "daaa-eeee!!"), MY plates with MY favorite foods and MY cat bailey.

I mean, don't get me wrong, there were some high points of the trip. Like the huge chess set on the ship.

And the cookies, how I loved those cookies....


Our room was pretty awesome and the fact that the verandah was right next to Grandma and Grandpa Jim made it even better.

The view changed all of the time and that was pretty cool, my family really enjoyed that.

A high point was a stop in Astoria (yes, the cruise stopped in Oregon, when we travel we go FAR:) where there was an awesome play ground, I really needed to run off some energy!

I even slept pretty well on the cruise, one time in Dad's arms (this is rare for me but I was EXHAUSTED).

And every morning I got to eat my favorite, eggs!!! These were hard boiled and so delicious!

But it was hard for me to get settled and feel as comfortable as I do at home. I get really frustrated sometimes and don't know how to express it so I throw my ears. This really seems to irritate my parents, especially when we were on the cruise. They kept telling me that my ears could go overboard and that would be very sad. I don't want to hurt my special ears so I am working on taking them off and handing them over to my parents if I feel frustrated- I am only two and a half so this will take some time...........


  1. Ben thew his ears off tonight for the first time! I figured this would happen at some point. I just pictured at 16 when I said he couldn't borrow the car.

  2. Rachel this is the best post ever!!!


  3. Yes, I thought the throwing of the ears was "cute" when I first heard other parents describe it. You know, he is actually understanding enough to not want to hear you, etc. Little did I know how annoying and scary (especially on the ship or in public areas!) it can be at times...... Glad to hear that we are not alone though:)