So Proud

My mom has been pretty proud of me lately. I am Isaac and I am always amazing, but I guess that I have been extra awe-mazing. Tuesday was music class and it was so much fun! I "sang" along to a few songs and also went and sat with my teacher, a huge change from past classes when I was clinging to Mom constantly. It just takes me a while to warm up to new situations, my mom should know that by now!

Then on Wednesday, we went to WESD for a hearing test. I did really well at my last one, but that was at OHSU and when Dad was able to come. Anyway, this time I walked right into the sound booth like I owned the place and asked for the ice cream because it is my favorite toy that we play with in the sound booth at OHSU. WESD didn't have the ice cream toy but they had a lot of other stuff to play with. They gave me a block and asked me to hold it by my ear until I heard a sound, then I was supposed to drop it into the bucket that a nice assistant was holding. We have done variations of this many times, in therapy and at home, and I have been so-so on really paying attention and playing. Well on Wednesday at WESD I shocked my mom by immediately, and happily playing along. I even started imitating the "ch-ch" sound I kept hearing. I filled that bucket with all of my "I heard that" blocks, all they way down to 10db!!!!!!! Then the assistant held a board with some pictures of objects on it and Glenda talked to me through the microphone in the sound booth. First she asked me to point out the hot dog, well I didn't know what a hot dog was (thanks to vegetarian Mom:) but I quickly learned. I pointed out the ice cream cone, bath tub, hot dog and airplane, all while Glenda kept lowering the volume of her voice. I am a rock star!!!!! When I was done, I got an awesome bee sticker and Mom got all teary (she is such a sap). Angie and Glenda said it was OK for Mom to be emotional because I am doing so well, I guess it was a big deal.

Just recently I have been saying my name more often, here is a little video of me pointing out our tooth brushes (Mom, Daddy and Isaac) and doing a little counting. I am not speaking my clearest here but I think it is still something to be very proud of!!!

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