Family Photos

So it's been awhile, a very long while, almost a month since I last blogged. Wow! There are no real excuses, I have had a lot of ideas but Mom just can't seem to get them typed up. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mom was sick but she pulled through like the tough lady she is. We worked on getting the perfect family photo, impossible.

That first shot of Mom with her eyes closed had me quite troubled.

Not too bad for our first try.

What is going on with Mon's weirdly turned legs and Grandpa Jim on his tip-toes?

OK, let's try this on the floor. Hey, where did everyone go?!  

Well I don't want to wait around, I would rather play.

No, really Mom, I don't want to be in a photo with you freaks (especially Dad!).

On the other hand, Dad is pretty funny.
I don't know Mom, your hair looks silly like that.

I am still feeling quite suspicious of this whole thing.

Um, thanks a lot guys! I was just trying to hide from all of this craziness.

This is pretty much my opinion of all of this posing.....

Grandpa Jim and I have had enough.

Let's move on. Hmmm, Grandpa and I don't look quite ready for this, neither does the camera flash.
Not too bad, except that I look like I want to escape and Mom's big head (and hair) in the way of Dad.

Maybe we should just stick with this (along with Dino and Flat Stanley).

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