Early New Year's Resolution

That is right, I may only be 2 but I already have a new year's resolution. This one involves Mom. I need to keep up on this blog. That's it. It does not seem like a big one, but judging by how few posts we have made over the past few months, it may be quite the challenge. I think I will try to make shorter posts more often, especially to help celebrate my verbal and listening achievements (like, most recently, "Where is ---?").

On another note, we had a wonderful Christmas! I think Christmas is just AMAZING, I had so much fun and I was so happy, my family all said they were very proud of me. My favorite gift was from Santa (who is a little strange, I saw him at Mission Mill and said "hi" and showed him Dino, but I did not want to sit on his lap). Anyway, he brought me my very own keyboard piano! I love it!!!!!!!!!!


Really? This is all mine?!?

I love dino's (and M&M's which were in my stocking, in my mouth and then on my face).

I even got another stocking out at Grandpa's house, Santa sure must love me!!!!

I hope everyone else has a wonderful holiday season! I promise to keep in better touch in 2011!!!!!!

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