My Valentine

Today was a special day, all about love! I love many people and have many Valentines, most of whom are my family members, that is what makes my special Valentine so very special- Eliana, of course!!! She came over this evening and we did our usual running around and yelling (well that was mostly me, I can hardly contain myself when she is around!) and playing with my bubble machine.

Then we relaxed for a nice evening of "Kipper" with our favorite toys and blankets.

 "Kipper" is some serious stuff.

We enjoyed a romantic drink of soymilk and then took a bath (sorry, no more bath time photos- hey, we are almost 3!!!!!).

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that everyone got to spend it with someone as special to them as Eliana is to me:)


  1. These are THE cutest pictures of Isaac and Eliana yet, hands down! They're both such cuties!!

  2. Thanks! I have to agree, their cute-factor is off the charts! :)