Night, Night Dino's!

I LOVE dinosaurs. I love to wear shirts with dino's on them, I love dino movies and dino books but, most of all, I love my collection of dinosaurs. I keep five of my favorite dino's in my special dino box (it is really a lunch box that Grandma gave to me but I quickly realized that it would be the perfect home for my beloved dinosaurs). Anyway, I have tried to take my dino's to bed with me at night but they kept me up laughing (they are pretty silly little guys:) so Mom decided that we would make a special dino bed where I could put them to sleep each night. I even have a special dino blanket that Auntie Allisa made for me when I was born (it's my lovey but really the perfect size for a dino blankie). I say "night, night" to each one and give them kisses before covering them up, Mom caught some of my routine on video last night.

Sorry that end of the video, where I finally cover the dinosaurs up, is cut off (the usual problems when Mom is in charge of a video:) Oh, and please excuse my sniffles and heavy breathing, I have been fighting a little cold......

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