A New Smile

For pretty much my whole life, my dad has had braces on his teeth. I think that they are pretty cool, especially after noticing that not many people have braces (well besides preteens and teenagers:).

Before Daddy had braces, when I was a teeny tiny baby.

After Daddy had braces, he was in so much pain and so angry that he turned green- just like The Hulk!!!!

Sometimes, Daddy's braces made him act crazy.

But this morning, they just made him happy......

Because three hours later, they were off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It is not the best photo as Dad is squinting and still hiding his teeth (I am sure it will take him awhile to get over that) but he is officially braces free! The best part is that the orthodontist gave him three balloons and guess who got them?!? Me:)

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