A Good Friend

I am learning to be a "good friend" to my peers. It is hard to remember to take turns, be gentle, listen well and not yell sometimes, but I do my very best. Today while we were at Kids Club I demonstrated my "good friend" skills when I didn't even know Mom was listening. First, I accidentally ran into another little boy and I said "sorry!". Then while I was playing in the bounce house I found a friend who was older than me (I always gravitate towards older kids) but was nice enough to play with me and we ran around bouncing yelling "Watch this!" to each other while doing silly tricks. When he got out of the bounce house and started running away I called "wait for me!" and he stopped so I could catch up. It is so cool to use my words, other kids seem to like it too!

Meanwhile, I am at the beach house with Mom and Grandma while Dad is at home dealing with this..... 

A failing computer. If anyone can diagnose this problem or has any ideas, please post!!

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  1. I figured it out, I simply put my graphics card in the oven and baked it and now it is working again!