I just can't keep up with my New Year's Resolution and post more often. I mostly blame Mom because I have been pretty cool lately and doing a lot of new things. That is probably why I haven't been able to post, since Mom has been too busy hanging out with Mr. Cool- ME!!! It has been all around crazy here. Mom was gone last weekend for two whole nights, the longest she has ever been away from me. It was all good for me, I had Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Jim to spend extra time with but I know that Mom really missed me. She was at a special training for the Hands and Voices Guide by Your Side program. Mom is a Parent Guide for families in Salem who have children with hearing loss- just like me!

We also got to spend a little time with Grammy Steph's daughter, Rachel (yes, she has the same name as my mom:). She lives in LA right now but came for a visit to see her family and friends in Oregon. She is super fun and cute. I got to dance with her and sit on her lap!

Anyway, on to transitions. First off, after over a month of being frustrated at bedtime and me feeling really agitated, my parents finally decided I needed to transition to a big boy bed. In their defense, I never actually told them with words what I wanted (I probably didn't even really know) but I let them know how annoyed I was at being caged up by making ridiculous demands and whining for over an hour each night. Anyway, we did a kind of modified big boy bed since I am a little resistant to change. I still have one side of my crib up where I can hang my blankets but now I can get out and explore if I want. 

I insisted that Mom take a photo of my little friend, The Ant (I do love my bugs!!!).

It has been soooooooo cool! I am no longer agitated and most of the time I just sing songs, read some books, maybe sit in my rocking chair and chat with my animals and then go to sleep. What a big boy I have become! I am even napping without trouble, wow:) My parents are super proud of me.

The second transition is that I am starting preschool on my third birthday, April 4th! My parents went to the transition meeting last week and I am going to go to the same school where my toddler group has been. I will even have the same teacher's helper as I did in toddler group, hooray! This is a special preschool for other kids with implants like me, the teachers are specially trained to help us learn to communicate and speak well. It is only two mornings a week for now but I am super excited! Mom is a little nervous, of course, but I know it will be an awesome experience.

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