The Only Child

My mom and I are both only children. In fact, my grandma and grandpa (Mom's parents) are also only children. My fate as an only child has not been completely decided or permanently set, but I think it is safe to say that we are all pretty comfortable with our tiny family (plus three cats:). That is why we are extra lucky that Daddy has a Crystal to contribute to our family. She is the best auntie to me, the best sister-in-law to Mom, and she loves her brother (Dad) unconditionally.

This past weekend Auntie Crystal came to visit and we had so much fun!!!!! She brought her friend, Ty, and he was very nice about putting up with all of our antics (and Steinbeck) and my need for extra Auntie attention. She even brought me a new remote control truck and dino books, I am such a lucky boy. Auntie Crystal always introduces me to a new treat, this time it was Nerds candy- um, how could my parents be hiding these crunchy little fruit nuggets from me for so long?!?

I said "Nerds" with each of these poses. We are so cute together. I love you Auntie Crystal, please visit again soon!!!!!!!

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