Something to CHEER about!

Life has been the usual, a bit crazy, busy, and fun. My parents finally got their hands on another camera to lose or break (that's what, 3 in the last year?). This time it's a "cheapie" so they won't have to feel awful when the inevitable happens (see what I mean about crazy?!?!).

I finally got my hands on some fresh strawberries! (thanks to Sara and Russ from next door:)

We have been to the beach again and actually had an awesomely beautiful day where I was able to play in the water and run from the waves. The next day was cold and misty all day long, that is the Oregon coast for you. 

Last week the weather was warm enough for a barbeque at Elians's house. There were lots of fun kids to play with, I got to stay up late and had so much fun running around the yard and the house.

On Friday, Auntie Gina and Uncle Seth came for a visit and I sampled the appetizers before they arrived (please note the bowl of peas was not to share with guests:)

 I worked hard at cracking pistachio nuts, I LOVE them!!

And I also LOVED the roasted garlic, yummy!!!!

As usual when a pretty lady comes over, I have to get their attention immediately. I went straight up to Auntie Gina and did not leave her side until it was bed time. They both played with me and we rocked out to the bubble machine, so fun!

Among the fun days, I have also had 3 doctor's appointments in the past 2 weeks. The first was with a developmental psychologist where I had to be very patient and sit for a very long time playing games and talking to a pretty lady. I am pleased to report that I did wonderfully and am right where I should be cognitively. Our second trip to OHSU was with the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to evaluate my language development. Even though my language has really been coming along lately, my parents weren't quite sure what to expect or what the results might be. After testing both my receptive and expressive communication and language, the SLP happily reported that not only did I do a wonderful job at being patient and listening, but I also scored within the NORMAL limits when compared to other kids my age who have NORMAL hearing!!!!! On the PLS-4 (Preschool Language Scale-Fourth Edition) I had a Total Language Score of 101, standard scores between 85 and 115 are considered average- now this is definitely something to CHEER about!!!!!!!!!! (as are huge ice cream cones and gigantic mounds of bubbles!)

I would say that my recent progress is nothing short of "A-mazing"............

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