Oh, So the Sun DOES Still Exist in Oregon!

We have had such a rainy spring, even for Oregon. All I ever want to do is play outside and all of the rain has made that very difficult. Finally, this past weekend, the sun made a beautiful and much needed appearance. We spent a nice morning at the Saturday Market with Eliana and Kelsey. Here is a short clip of my out of control dance moves (Eliana is quite patient with me).

Then we headed out to the country to Grandpa and Grammy Steph's house for Mom's birthday dinner and gift opening.
 My Auntie Crystal was also visiting and we had so much fun exploring, I love her so, so much.

Mom opened her gifts (and we got to be OUTSIDE in the SUN the whole time).

We ate a yummy meal prepared by Grandpa and ended the day with delicious cake and pie (thanks to Grandma and Grammy Steph).

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