Freaks and Friends

I have been very busy and bad about keeping up on this blog and am behind on the last few weeks, I'll work on catching up.....I had a wonderful birthday party with my best friend, Eliana and our families (sometimes, I wish that I could wear a pink dress too, well maybe my mom wishes, or maybe she just wants to wear one herself....).

And we had the most incredible Elmo cake that Eliana's mom made us- amazing!!!!!!

 Here I am with the parents, I was too excited by all of my gifts to look at the camera, oh well at least my Elmo shirt is smiling.....

Then, last Thursday, we went to an indoor concert with LIVE music!!! We saw a band called the "Freak Mountain Ramblers" who even played at my parents wedding. Eliana and I took Grandma to check out all the instruments before the band even started.

When the music started, I was a little unsure at first.

But when Eliana and her mom went up to dance, I had to follow.

And I stayed up there all night (with different family members, of course). I jammed out to the music and signed "more" each time a song ended. I can't believe how much fun it is to see music in person- wow! I hope that we get to go again very soon!!!!!!

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