Cause to Celebrate

Today is my parents nine year anniversary!!! That is how long they have been together (not married, that's five:). Can you believe it- nine whole years?!? That is more than four times my age. Here is the first photo of them together (all of these are before digital photography, so they are photos of photos). Yes, that is my dad with the long hair and the way too tan lady is my mom.

Back then, my dad was a rockstar (hi Uncle Seth!).

And my mom was the typical college student (hi Auntie Gina!).

My Auntie Gina and Uncle Seth set them up (thanks guys!) and, while they were very anti being set up, by the end of the night they were inseparable. If someone would have told them that, nine years later, they would be married with a little Isaac, I think they would have laughed out loud. Who's laughing now?!??????

They have been together a very long time (and through many different haircuts).

But they still seem pretty happy to me.

I love you both very, very much. Happy anniversary!!!!


  1. awww what a great post... but you still have to find a job and pay rent.

  2. Happy nine years you guys! We are just around the corner for our ten year, so we know the excitement!