Sand Dunes

Another week has gone by and I am still struggling to update my blog (Mom Failure). I wanted to include our trip to the beach a few weekends ago to celebrate my Auntie Brooke's birthday. It should be no surprise to anyone that Mom forgot the camera at the beach house so she only has the photos that were put on Dad's computer while we were there. The pretty photo of Auntie Brooke and her sweetie is on the camera, at the beach house......... Anyway, the weather was beautiful and I got to play in the dunes- awesome!!!

I ran all around while my mom chased me.

And then I got caught!

We went closer to the water.

And walked back along the beach.

Then back up to the dunes.

Mom and Dad took a photo of themselves (thanks for leaving me out guys).

And I took one last lap around a log before heading home for my nap.

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