It Feels Like January

I thought that when it was almost May, it was supposed to be warm outside. I guess that Oregon is not on board with this concept. I am sure that it is like this every year (I barely even remember last year, but I was only one), but this spring seems extra cold and rainy. We went to the coast for Grandma's birthday, not to the house but to a hotel in Lincoln City, it was fun to do something a little different. The weather was OK, some rain, some sun, the usual.

We went to dinner where there were two awesome seagulls outside the window!!!!!

They were pretty cute.

I took a bath in a ginormous bath tub.


While Grandma opened up here birthday gifts, I took the opportunity to show off my sweet dance moves.

I even got Dad to dance.

Man, I love The Doors. They are pretty much my favorite band right now, well they always have been.

I also got to watch the Blazers kick some serious Sun butt!!!! The best part is when I get to yell and clap.

And I read my books (check out my new shoes, pretty sweet!)

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