At Least it is Summer at the Beach

I am with Mom and Grandma at the beach house, we are having a very good time! The sun was out big time yesterday and even though it is a little less sunny today, it is still nice out. We went down to the bay today (after my very first milk shake- YUM!) and I had a great time checking out the water.

It was a bit cold but still awesome!

We also played outside at the house, which is always a good time.

And earlier, before my nap, we went to the ocean to see all of the big waves.

But the best part, and I know that you will laugh at this, is that I get to open AND close the garage door with a button each time we leave and come back to the house. Hey, I live in a house that is "vintage" and was built way before there were automatic garage doors, or attached garages for that matter....

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