Happy B-day Mama!

Today is my moms birthday, we didn't really do very much because the whole family got together yesterday to celebrate. This morning dad and I got up early and finished wrapping her gifts, and then I made her a cool card with all these awesome drawings. It was a lot of fun, 

However, yesterday was really Awesome!!!!

First I got to hang out with Dad and Mom all morning long. Dad didn't have any classes, so we just played and played and played. Then we went shopping for a few things and then I took a long nap.

When I woke up we went over to Grandmas house! She had been cooking all day long and the house smelled wonderful! She had made bread, ice cream, and a very yummy carrot cake! Everything tasted so good! Then Grandpa Jim let me open and shut the garage door like ten times! It went Up, up, up, and down, down, down!

After a bit Grandpa and Grammy Steph showed up! Grammy Steph brought all these presents in for my mom, and she even had some clothes for me too. Grandpa had made some vegetarian lasagna that we all ate way too much of. After we ate, and talked, we watched mom open gifts and she seemed really pleased with everything she received. There was even this strange cat thing she got, it holds tea or something, it sort of looked like our cat Bailey.

To round out the night we watched a little bit of the basketball game (go celtics!) and then I got to go into another room and watch one of my very own movies. Everyone took turns coming in and sitting with me while I watched. It was so fun!

I can't wait for my moms next birthday. Happy birthday mommy I love you very much!!!

and thank you daddy for typing this all up for me.

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