The Lights Out

A few weeks ago I got to go to Bend with Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Jim to see The Lights Out play at an awesome out door amphitheater. I know all of the dudes in The Lights Out, especially Uncle Seth (in fact, he was the first person to sing me a rock song, when I was only a few days old and could not hear, but it was still cool:).

I got to sit with Auntie Gina and some other friends and I made sure to show off all of my amazing dancing and jumping skills.

Here I am really catching some air, with my delicious juice box (a real treat for me, Mom is super stingy with the juice).

Grandpa Jim always makes it extra fun, he is a cool guy.

Grandma shared some ice cream with me, she was pretty daring to be eating chocolate ice cream while wearing a white shirt on, especially with me around.

We stayed the night in Bend and the next day we took a long walk by the water.

I love seeing live music, and I love going on vacation- summer is FUN!!!!!!

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