Mama Isaac

My mom has quite a little collection of sunglasses, they are mostly big but they are all different colors and shapes. I love to wear them, even though I have my own pair I much prefer to strut around in her shades. Here I am at Grandma's showing off some serious style (and serious lack of pants).

Grandma has dubbed me "Mama Isaac" when I wear Mom's sunglasses, I am pretty cute. Recently, I have discovered another reason to call me "Mama Isaac". I imagine most of you would say that I look quite a bit like my dad. I mean seriously, look at my mom.

I wouldn't exactly call us twins. But while I was looking at old photos of her when she was a little girl, I discovered that she looked a lot different when she was my age- and a whole lot more like me!!!

She even had a best friend, but her name was Maya not Eliana.

She had a big cheesy grin, like me.

And wild blond hair.

Here she is with Grandma and Grandpa.

(it looks like family pictures are not high priority, we should work on that)

I wonder what this means for the future of my lovely, blond curls- not to mention my perfect little nose! Hopefully Dad's genes will take over for that................

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