This weekend was my birthday (Saturday actual birth day) and I was so busy I didnt have any time to write. I did jot down some notes so that I could retell my tales for all my fans.

Ok so on Friday there was a lot of cleaning and my dad was busy trying to do some drawing for one of his art classes (boring!). I got a birthday card from my Grandpa Jones, he sent me fifty bucks!!! I have no idea what I am going to spend it on, but I really dig little Lego dudes so, you know, thats probably what Ill spend it on. My Great Grandma Jones also sent me twenty bucks so... once again who knows. I really love the Dizzy Spin (my parents call it a Merry-Go-Round but my name is more fitting), not sure how much they cost, but if I can get one for under 70 bucks, maybe on craigs list, or ebay, then screw the lego dudes, Im going with the Dizzy Spin.

Anyway that night my mom made me Tofu, corkscrew pasta and spaghetti sauce, with some little veggie patties that taste like onion rings, or egg roles. None the less its really really good, as you will be able to see from these amazing pictures! They had to hose me off because I was such a disaster!!!!

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