Now, Officially "A CYBORG"

I did it. I made it through the surgery. My head is killing me, and I have this huge bandage around my whole head. I took a picture of the scar when I ripped the bandage off. I'll post that and a bunch of pics from the day in a second.

But first maybe a little bit about how the surgery turned out first:

The surgeon said that he was able to get the whole electrode array into my cochlea, and that they were all sending strong signals to the auditory nerve. Still have to wait two weeks before they turn it on, hearing sounds probably has me more worried than I was about the surgery.

After they activate the system I start a whole new chapter in my life. I am a year old in true age, but my hearing age is like... well zero... or negative something because sounds are heard in the womb. So kind of crazy. I am sure I will be posting any verbal achievements I make.

OK, now for pics. Here is the start of my day:

Oh but, first I must say there was this amazing moon out this morning but no one could get a good shot of it so I will do it some injustice by trying to describe it.

OK, the moon was a sliver of a crescent that glowed with a magnificent yellow. The whole shape of the moon was lighter then the blackness of the sky giving perfect view of the perfect gray circle that was being hugged by the glowing crescent. Even more amazing was the perfectly placed glowing planet that appeared just off to the left of the moon. The whole scene was pure poetry.

It is early, I am a bit cranky, and no one will feed me.

Me in my room at hospital after they took off my kick ass shirt for this lame robe.

Then they gave me some pink medicine, and it was definitely NOT my usual pink Tylenol medicine. Everything became really laid back, and people kept coming in and doing stuff, and I was just like "whatever". And then some dude with glasses and a crazy hat took me into the long hallway and my parents were totally beside themselves. I was just like "you got to ride the wave man".

Here is a picture of the big babies moments after my departure.

This is what they were looking out at. (click on it to check out the full res version... pretty tight)
*also note in last picture my dads failed attempt to try to block the sun before the picture was taken.

Me after the surgery. I am pretty out of it.

Here is where they operated, I have a closer pic and if you want to see it I can email it to ya, but it is a bit hard to look at for me at this moment.

and here I am on the car ride home. I look pretty happy here, but I was pretty friggin far from happy.
*Oh there is my new bear in the pic.


  1. Resistance is futile...
    You will be assimilated...

  2. I am so glad that the cyborg implants took so well!
    I can't wait to rock with the man!