My First Bear

So to help me with my sleeping issues my parents decided to take me out to find me a stuffed animal that I could bond with. We must have went to a million stores, and I saw more animals than I knew existed. They were cute, and soft and fluffy, and my parents would comment and say stuff like "oh look at this one it sure is cute" or "this is soft and you love _____ (insert animals name here)"

But I was not having any of it. My parents were right, they were soft, they were cute, and I am sure all great but they were missing something... I did not know what it was but I knew something was wrong.

That is when we went to the last store, and on the last shelf, of the last isle, sat the last one of its kind...

It was blue
It was a bear
and it was beautiful

I had to have it! This one I pointed out, as I tried to rip the bear out of the package through the little port hole in the box used for sample feels.

My parents looked at me like I was some kind of alien. They kept asking me if I was sure and repeatedly took me back to the other stuffed animals. Pulling random ones out of bins, are you sure? are you sure? I finally was like, OK guys listen, why would I want to trade my superior bear for a lesser creation?

They looked at me for a few minutes, and saw that I was not going to back down. I had made my decision. I f-ing love this thing

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  1. If he found one he loves and doesn't want to let go of... buy 3 more! Trust me on this one. It's a lifesaver for middle of the night puking. lol - Krista