The actual party day.

It was very overwhelming with all the people around and the fact that Friday and Saturday both were filled to the brim with tons of activities made it hard for me to find the energy to really be the usual party animal that I am.

Here are some pictures from the party, I wasnt able to get a picture with everyone but a lot of people were there, twenty or so. So pretty much anyone who was anyone was there to celebrate my first year! I can hardly wait for the next one.

Me with Cupcake

My dad wiping me off after my extermination of the cupcake, you can also see maya and my mom in the pic

Gina, Mom, Seth, and Maya

Me and My bud Jack opening up my gifts, I let jack do all the work while I checked out the sweet ribbon. You can see his dads legs in the background.

More Ribbon Excitement, awesome!!!

Thats Avery (my ex girlfriend, I had to break up with her at the party, there were a lot of hot chicks there to see me and I couldnt be tied down) and her dad Jason, and in the background her mom Midge.

Me chillin with big foot grandpa after most of the people had left.

Me and my Grandma Steph she had the sparkling water which I LOVE TO DRINK because it foams up in my mouth

Check out my sweet sleevless shirt!!!! who F-ing rocks?!?!?!

This is me with my elephant Toy that Cam and Vicki bought me, it vibrates and I think its hilarious!

Maya, My mom, Brooke, Jack and his Mom Allisa, and my dad in the background.

Dad and Sco talking about Austin and his bitches

I really wish I would have gotten pictures with everyone who was there but it was hard to remember to take pictures with all the excitement. Oh, well, maybe they will turn up from other cameras. Next year Ill hire someone to follow me around to document my every move.

Oh, and I received a birthday card from my Aunt Evie, she sent me fifty bucks as well!!!! perhaps a slide right next to the Dizzy Spin.

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