This was my actual Birthday and it was the first nice day in a really long time, warm, sunny, and incredible. I went to the first Saturday Market and I had a raspberry icy thing and it RULED!!!! My lips turned all Red and I got all hyper. If you havent had one you must try these things... incredible!

It was also a really nice day. I feel bad for all the bitching I did about how the weather was so bad but it looks like my parents were right to spruce up the yard. The weather guy said it was supposed to be in the 70's for my party tomorrow. Apparently my parents arent as clueless as I had once believed.

I also went over to my Grandma Jaz's house for some cake. The cake was suppose to be a Boston Creme Cake, but it didnt turn out or something. I wasnt really sure it tasted great to me, but everyone else was kind of laughing about how the pudding filling looked like tapioca...

After we had the treats we went outside and sat in the sun and blew some bubbles. Jim was there hes pretty funny. I like him a lot, hes growing this mustache that looks totally sweet. My dad cant grow facial hair.

Heres the Raspberry Icy stuff (apparently its from Italy or something)

Heres me snacking on the boston creme cake

Heres the bubbles

Jim and I hangin discussin the Herdy Gerdy Man

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