Assimilation Complete!

So Thursday was a big day- I got my second implant activated and also got to try out my new Nucleus 5 processor! The day started out great, my dad was home in the morning and we went for a walk to the park. Then, on our way to OHSU my mom took me to play at the NW Kids Club (my new favorite place), where I ran around, went up and down a slide and pushed around a little pink doll stroller- how cool am I?!?

Anyway, I napped in the car and when we got to OHSU, Grandma, Grandpa Jim and Angie were all there to greet me. We went to Don's office where he explained a bunch of technical stuff to my mom (I ignored this and hung out with my grandparents) and then they put my new ear on my left ear. I was fine with this, interested, and maybe a bit impatient, until something spooked me. I can't really tell you what it was but I was unhappy about the whole situation. Everyone was great, trying to keep me calm and entertained but I had had it, I was finished. I mean why mess with a good thing- right? I have been doing so well with my first ear (my Freedom processor) and I really don't like change. I can't even use a different sippy cup for my milk, how can they expect me to accept a NEW ear?!!!

So we get home and see my dad and I am still HATING that new ear. I was like "get that evil thing away from me!!!!!!!!". I felt  kind of bad because I know that my parents, especially my mom (she can be a little emotional at times, I guess I don't blame her), were pretty upset because I had reacted so well to my first implant. I guess that when I went to bed my mom messed with the implant to help make the sound a little less overwhelming, hoping that, in the morning I would be better with it. I wasn't. I cried and cried and ripped it off over and over. My dad had to leave at 7 a.m. and seemed very upset about how I was carrying on. Mom decided to take me out to his car to warm it up and, hopefully, distract me. It worked. We sat there and I slowly stopped touching the magnet attached to my head. By the time Dad drove off, I waved at him like I always do. I spent the morning leaving my new implant alone, like a big boy, and being my normal happy self......

Since then I have been wearing my new Nucleus 5 processor every waking moment. It even has a neat camo print cover, I guess my Grandma ordered some more covers so that Mom can help me match them to my outfits- how cool! Also, I get to wear my other Nucleus 5 on my right ear after my appointment at OHSU next Wednesday, now my right ear won't be jealous! Sometimes it just takes a little time to adjust to change.....

 Here is one view of my new processor, it's very slim (I am pointing out how cool my dad is)...

And Another view of the processor and the awesome camo cover.


Dad and me, check out the cool pink balloon I got at the Saturday Market!

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