So I have a new favorite band, Monsters of Folk. When I hear one of their songs I bust out my best dance moves. There is some video of this, but Mom doesn't know how to get the video on to the computer (big surprise, I know), maybe Dad will help out later......

Anyway, I am very jealous because my parents went to see M.O.F. a few weeks ago in Portland. They left me with Grandma and went on their merry way. I was so crazed to have missed the show that I couldn't go to sleep. I spent hours running back and forth between Grandma and Grandpa Jim's places, eating yogurt and watching the tube with Grandma. When I finally fell asleep I slept so soundly that when I woke up the next morning, at home and in my crib, I had no idea how I had gotten there!

Speaking of monsters- today is Halloween! Here is a photo of me last year, Mom dressed me up as a bear, or monkey or something.

This year I am going to be a scary spider! Here is another photo of me and a pumpkin last year, what a baby I was!

And here is my super funny daddy, he is still just as funny as he was last year.

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