My Ears and Other Events

So Dad has been super busy with school and homework and does not have as much time to keep up with helping me write my blog. Anyway, I have asked Mom to help me with some of my day-to-day updates until Dad has a little more free time. She told me that she will do her best in staying true to my "voice"...........

Since my second implant was activated, I have been trying VERY hard to use new words. My accomplishments so far include:

 "uh-oh"= uh-oh
"moooww"= meow
"uh-uh"= up-up
"aahh-uhhhhhn"= all done
"eeyyyee"= bye
"eye"= both eye (as in face) and hi
"owwwnnn"= down
"un"= on
"aaahhhhhh"= airplane

I also am able to stick my implant magnets back on my head when they fall off, well not all of the time but I sure do try hard. My parents and I always clap after I do this, clapping is so fun. So is eating apple pancakes and jam.....

Here I am at the beach house with the awesome garbage truck that Grandma gave me and Dad being funny, as usual.....

 Steinbeck, my kitty, is pretty patient with all of my antics.

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