This is my best friend Eliana.

Here she is with a new hairstyle, and broccoli, she loves to eat broccoli- how healthy is she?!

I try my hardest to impress her. I do many awesome things, like eat with my shirt off.......

Climb up on things, like this chair that is super high... "yohoo Eliana! over here!"

And then I show off how straight I can sit....

Or sometimes, and this is the best one, I run around with my eyes closed, I know this is irresistible....

Once we took a bath together, but then I started to splash and that pretty much ended our bathtime relationship. Apparently women hate to be splashed.

Eliana was born one day before me! Isn't that crazy? She also knows about a zillion words. She knows words for everything, and this is really helpful to me because I get to pick up from her extremely large vocabulary. My parents think she is a genius... I think she's a genius and is also cute!

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