Best Face Forward

So Sunday when Eliana rode with me to the kid's club I discovered what my parents had been hiding from me- other kids my age have their carseats facing forward!! I was soooo shocked and jealous. I had heard my parents talking about how it was time to turn me around but I never realized they meant in the car, I always thought it was about me in general. Like "we have got to turn this kid around, get him back in line" or whatever. Anyway, I guess that it was the push they needed because Monday, after a super fun chase time, Grandpa took me out to Mom's car and lo and behold- my carseat was facing forward!!!!!! I was super, super pumped and felt like such a big boy cruising around the town and watching the rain and the cars go by.......

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  1. i remember how thrilled monrovia as when she got to face forward! it's like a whole new world!