Change is Hard (I Should Know)

Grandma had this AMAZING fireplace insert, with all of these awesome knobs and handles that I loved to play with (when it wasn't burning anything, of course).

Here's a photo of me lounging in front of it (notice what a bald baby I was, now I am such a big boy!)

Well, apparently, Grandma did not have the same appreciation for the magnificent fireplace that I did because when I went over there yesterday this was in it's place:

I was like "what, is this some kind of joke?!?"


So then Grandma explained to me that it was here to stay and that it would be very nice and keep us warm. She took me closer to it so that I could get a better look, but I was still very suspicious.


 I kept my eye on the thing while we walked past, I mean I didn't want it to attack us or anything.

And then when I turned around, Grandma was gone!

I panicked, worried that Grandma had been eaten by the new fireplace- "MOM, help!!!!!"

I heard some noise in the kitchen and decided to go investigate. I made sure to keep my eye on the evil contraption as I made my way through the room.

As I raced into the kitchen I was terrified about what I may find.... But as I rounded the corner I saw my beloved grandma, she was smiling and unharmed!!!!

The world was safe and complete, once again.

And I was back to being King of the Living Room!!!


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