Mad Skillz

My life has been pretty hectic lately. Mom has been keeping me very busy because Dad has all of this work to do, I guess that his term is "winding down" (whatever that means). To me, it means that Dad always has all of these cool art supplies out and he even lets me help him paint once in awhile.

Here I am working on a masterpiece..... Dad is always very complimentary of my skills, apparently I learned to hold the pen/crayon/colored pencil and brush the proper way at an early age (he even brags to his professors about my love of art). Dad also loves that I know the difference between circles and lines and can draw, or paint them on command. I love to impress him.

Today, was exciting because Dad busted out the watercolors, which I had yet to use- how fun!!!

In other news, Friday I had an appointment with Don at OHSU. Mom, Grandma, Grandpa Jim and even Angie were all there to give me support and make me feel more comfortable than I had in the past. It worked!!! I went into the hearing booth and played and when Don did a hearing test on my "new" (left) ear, I responded all the way down to 15db!!!!!! Everyone was pretty proud of me and this got me so pumped up that I had to show off some of my other skills. I said "uh-oh" lots of (appropriate) times, "up" when I wanted up and walked my fingers "up, up, up" the wall and then they went "wheeee" down. On the way home, we stopped at Trader Joe's where Grandma bought some yummy cookies and shared them with me on the way home. A pretty good day in my world.

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