Another Beach Trip Part 1

So, I am healing away after the surgery. Everything looks good. I did have a black eye for a day, which I neglected to get a picture of. Or maybe I did... who knows. If I did, you'll see it, and if I didn't.., well, you know, you won't.

OK back to catching up on past entries!

So a few months ago my buddy Jack and his family came down to stay with us at the beach house. It was a pretty fun trip, and we did a lot. The first day we went and played down on the beach which was really fun, and that night the parentals made yummy food while Jack and I ran around playing. The second day we went to the Aquarium and also the Rogue Brewery for lunch.

Of course, I have to drag these things out as long as possible, so I'll be splitting the pics up into two or three different posts. Yay!

The Beach:

My dad and I at the beach!

Do we walk the same?

Jack and his mom and dad silhouetted against a very bright and shiny ocean

A very professional looking picture my mommy took of Jack and his mommy!

 Doesn't this look like some like a rock band photo or something? 

 Jack and I on this awesome log we found. From my P.O.V (point of view if you didn't know).

 Same log from Jacks P.O.V.


 Another epic photo! Look at all of the excitement going on in this one!

 Dance Moves!

 They call me the Shaman!

 As the sun sets.

 After the sun has set. I can't believe the radical change in colors from one minute to the next. There may have been two or three minutes between the above pic and this one. Pretty crazy, huh?

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