Fountain Head

The Summer was hot so I spent most of it in water, either at the pool, in the sprinkler, or at the fountains down by the capitol. Actually, I only made it to the fountains once, but once was all I needed.

Here I am inching my way toward the powerful spray of the fountain.

I feared that the rush of water was going to somehow capture me and toss me up into the air.

A huge gust of wind came from nowhere and completely drenched us with the freezing water. In this picture you can see that the wind has just started to blow the water right toward us. If this picture would have been taken just a split second later you would have seen two very wet, and very surprised looking people!


After surviving our hypothermia and embarrassment we hit the road and let the sun slowly dry us. My hair twisted and twirled its way into odd snake like shapes and patterns (similar to Mama and Grandma's hair).

Eventually it crinked itself into this mass of writhing snakes. It reminded me of that one techno band from the 90's. He had odd little spiky hair and the lyric (hell, I think only lyric) was "I'm a fire starter, terrific fire starter!"

A view from the front, not as cool as the back, but still pretty stylin'.

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